RaceTools v2.68

This is a maintenance upgrade and offers a few refinements to the software as requested by our users. For IndyCar, one of the most common errors and frustrating parts of the software was making sure the correct map was loaded and the correct SF line was configured for the race and alternate start/finish lines. The … Read more

RaceTools v2.59 Pit Lane Monitor

New to v2.59 is the Pit Lane Monitor. Primarily added to help competitors in series that have a minimum pit stop time requirement, the Pit Lane Monitor displays cars currently in pit lane and optionally those on their out lap. It is similar to the Running Order display but adds the PitIn (Elapsed Time at … Read more

RaceTools v2.56

V2.56 adds the ability to have multiple graphs and maps open.   v2.56 2015 04 15 – clean up RestoreSession – restore pit stop data – eliminate double logging of pit lane section times in TimeGear module – fix Pit Stop Analysis refresh routines – provide better Estimated Time for RestoreSession/Load Session by tracking lapsprocessed/lapstoprocess … Read more

RaceTools v2.51 for IMSA

This is an optional release. It includes minor fixes. If these fixes are not required, you should stick with what you have. You might want to only run this version on systems that require these fixes or upgrades. As always, be aware that the software relies on the data and if there are interruptions in … Read more

RaceTools v2.50 for IMSA

RaceTools v2.50 for IMSA The first release is now available. There will likely be an update ┬ábefore the weekend as I test and fine tune things. This version has features geared towards the race rather than for practice or qualifying. You can download the latest version: http://racetools.com/racetools/IMSA_TSModule.zip New Features: Drive Times Report (Alt+F2) Complements the … Read more

RaceTools v2.49 released

Happy New Year! With each new year comes a new version of RaceTools. Last year’s version will not work in 2015. To continue using RaceTools you must download the latest version (v2.49). See the download page for the latest version of the software. New license keys are being distributed to teams who have renewed their … Read more