Avoidable Drive Time Penalties

RaceTools has a report designed to help teams manage their drive times. The Drive Times report provide a live (updated in real time) display of the drive times for each driver. Filters are available to limit the display by class or just by your team or selected car(s). The Stint Times report provides more detailed … Read more

Happy New 2021

With a new year comes a new version of RaceTools. If you are getting a ‘software has expired’ message when you start RaceTools, please download the latest version of RaceTools. Version 5.14 is the minimum release you need to run for 2021. If you are getting a ‘license has expired’ message, please contact me to … Read more

When Motorsports went online RaceTools was there with you.

When the world cancelled all sports events due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the motorsports industry went online with eSports and iRacing specifically, we responded by creating an iRacing Interface to convert the iRacing data from it’s memory snapshot at 60Hz to more conventional MLP and eRMON data feeds. This allowed users of traditional timing … Read more

Graph by driver (v4.56)

Sometimes you need a more detailed breakdown of driver lap times and/or section times. RaceTools v4.56 adds the By Driver option to some of the graph types. Specifically, the Average Laptimes, Laptime Analysis and Section Analysis. These are the same types that also support the Sort By (Lap)Times option. You can now graphically compare driver … Read more

Sitting at home? Try RaceTools for free!

Nobody likes having to stay at home, but with the current shutdown, you might have a little free time on your hands. If you want to try RaceTools and learn about what it can do, send me an email and I’ll get you a trial license to play with while the motorsports industry is taking … Read more

RaceTools @ PRI in Indianapolis

We were at the PRI (Performance Racing Industry) Trade Show in Indianapolis December 6-8. It was great to show RaceTools to teams that had not seen it before and to catch up with the many engineers already using RaceTools. We showed off the features of RaceTools running with the IndyCar (MLP+RP+telemetry), IMSA (Al Kamel), PWC … Read more

RaceTools v3.2 – seeing more data

RaceTools 3.2 adds extra fields to the Session Results table and Heat Map color coding of section times. This is an optional upgrade for INDYCAR users but a recommended upgrade for IMSA users. Custom Fields in Session Results table: To bring more information to the main program window, I’m adding some custom fields that you … Read more