RaceTools files moving to a new place in V3.0.3

With the new season, a lot of teams are reinstalling RaceTools and upgrading to Windows 10. This has caused some users to get file access errors when running RaceTools from the ‘Program Files’ or ‘Program Files (x86)’ folder as Window’s UAC restricts access the the program folder. The recommended place to store user data files is the AppData folder.

With RaceTools v3.0.3, we now support both the old style running and saving settings in the program folder or the new style separating the program and data files into the Program Files and AppData folders. If you are running RaceTools from a folder not within the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder, then RaceTools will continue to read and save the data and configuration files in the same folder as the application. This makes it easy to run multiple versions with it’s own configuration or copy the configuration from one system to another. I usually run RaceTools from a folder in the Documents folder.

If you choose to run RaceTools from the Program Files folder, then RaceTools will read and save the configuration and data files from and to the AppData folder. This should eliminate the file access errors that Windows generates for trying to save to the Program Files folder.

This does mean that if you are running RaceTools from the Program Files folder, you may need to reconfigure some of the settings that did not get migrated to the AppData folder. You should only have to do this once.

As always, you can get the latest version of RaceTools from http://racetools.com/racetools.

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