RaceTools – Session Results Columns

The Session Results table can be configured to display any combination of over 30 different fields (over 60 in IndyCar/MRTI versions, over 45 in IMSA/WEC versions).

Here is a list of the available fields, not all of which are applicable depending on the series, session type and track type:

IndyCar Session Results Fields
IMSA Session Results Fields
IMSA Session Results Fields

Click on the field to get a more detailed description of the field.

Click on the field to get a detailed description.
Click on the field to get a detailed description.

CK – Check box to select competitor for other reports.
P – Position
Nr – Car Number
Name – Driver Name
FL – Fast Lap
FastTime – Fast Lap Time
BestSpeed – Fast Lap Speed
LapTime – Last Lap Time
LastTime – Last Lap Time
Laps – Laps Completed
LastSpeed – Last Lap Speed
Pace – Last Lap Delta to P1
± FLT – Delta to Fast Lap Time
Gap – Delta to preceding car
Gap SPD – Delta in speed to preceding car
GapOnTrack – Delta to previous car on track, time behind previous car
GapToNext – Delta to next car on track, time ahead of next car
ElapsedTime – ElapsedTime of last S/F crossing
PTS – Points if race ended with current results
PTime – Previous Fast Lap Time
± PT – Delta to Previous Fast Lap Time
PIC – Place In Class
CLASS – Class Name
STINT – Elapsed Time of Current Stint
Diff – Delta to P1
Diff SPD – Delta to P1 in speed
Gap2Us – Gap to Team Car
Pits – Number of Pit Stops made
LSP – Laps Since Pit
LapsDown – Laps down to P1
OR – Overall Rank
BestTime – Best Overall Lap Time
Status – Competitor Status
St – Start Position
Led – Number of Laps Led
P2P – Push To Pass
Tire – Current Tire Type on Car
LPit – Lap of Last Pit Stop
Outing Laps – Visual display of laps since last pit
MSP – Distance since Pit Stop
ThisPit – Pit Lane time for current or latest pit stop
LastPit – Pit Lane time for previous pit stop
QWU – Oval Qualfying Warm Up Lap Time/Speed
QL1 – Oval Qualfiying Lap 1 Time/Speed
QL2 – Oval Qualfiying Lap 2 Time/Speed
QL3 – Oval Qualfiying Lap 3 Time/Speed
QL4 – Oval Qualfiying Lap 4 Time/Speed
QTotal – Oval Qualifying Total Lap Times or Average Lap Speed
QLTime – Oval Qualifying Average Lap Time
QSpeed – Oval Qualifying Average Lap Speed
QStatus – Qualifying Status
QLaps – Number of Qualifying Laps Completed
QRank – Qualfying Rank
QAttempt – Oval Qualifying Attempt Number
QDay – Oval Qualifying Day of attempt
QTarget – Lap Time required to match each competitor for current qualifier
QTotal+ – Projected Qualifying Total Time or Average Speed
Tow FL – minimum Gap On Track for Fast Lap, used to guage tow factor of Fast Lap
Tow LL – minimum Gap On Track for Last Lap, used to guage tow factor of Last Lap
Proj. – Projected Lap Time/Speed
P+ – Projected Rank based on Projected Lap Time/Speed
NTFLap – Non-Tow Fast Lap
NTFTime – Non-Tow Fast Lap Time
NTFSpeed – Non-Tow Fast Lap Speed
NTR – Non-Tow Rank
Team – Team Name
Engine – Engine Supplier
MaxL – Maximum Laps possible for competitor based on Time Remaining/Leader Laps
L2G – Maximum Laps To Go for competitor based on Time Remaining/Leader Laps
RollAvg – Rolling Lap Average, average of last x number of laps
BP – Best Position in session
CLSDiff – Gap to class leader
CLSGap – Gap to previous car in class
Optimal – Optimal Lap Time
LP+ – Live Projected Rank, including Projected Lap Times of active competitors
TackGap2Us – Gap to team car on track
BehindUsOnTrack – time ahead of team car on track
AheadUsOnTrack – time behind of team car on track

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