RaceTools – Layouts

RaceTools allows you to save and restore custom layouts with quick links to predefined, commonly used layouts. Specifically, there are quick links to Race, Qualifying and Practice layouts. IndyCar versions get to choose Road versus Oval layouts.

Layout Menu

These custom layouts use a special file naming template: <application name>_<SessionType>_<TrackType>.ini.
<application name> is the name of the program, usually INDYCAR_TSModule, IMSA_TSModule, MRTI_TSModule or WEC_TSModule.
<SessionType> is either ‘Race’, ‘Qualifying’ or ‘Practice’
<TrackType> is either ‘Road’ or ‘Oval’ (for INDYCAR and MRTI versions).
ie. ‘IMSA_TSModule_PracticeRoad.ini‘ is the filename for the Practice Layout for the IMSA version of RaceTools. ‘INDYCAR_TSModule_QualifyingOval.ini‘ is the filename for the Oval Qualifying Layout for the INDYCAR version of RaceTools. ‘WEC_TSModule_RaceRoad.ini‘ is the Race Layout for the WEC version of RaceTools.

If you select the Layout/Auto option, RaceTools will automatically load the correct layout when the session changes.

Once you have organized the layout of the software to your satisfaction, select the Layout/Save option to save the layout to a file. You can name it anything you’d like or use the above filenaming convention to make it the default layout for the different session types.

To transfer the layout to other computers on your team, just copy the .ini file(s) to each machine where they can be loaded and modified.

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