RaceTools v2.56

V2.56 adds the ability to have multiple graphs and maps open.

You can add Graphs and Maps using the Add Graphs and Add Maps menus.
You can add Graphs and Maps using the Add Graphs and Add Maps menus.
v2.56 adds the ability to have multiple maps and graphs open at the same time.
v2.56 adds the ability to have multiple maps and graphs open at the same time.


2015 04 15 – clean up RestoreSession
– restore pit stop data
– eliminate double logging of pit lane section times in TimeGear module
– fix Pit Stop Analysis refresh routines
– provide better Estimated Time for RestoreSession/Load Session by tracking lapsprocessed/lapstoprocess during phase 3
– restore LapChart in RestoreSession
– populate ClassRank in RestoreSession
– log LeaderLap (add to eROM module)
– restore LeaderLap in RestoreSession
2015 04 14 – Drive Times add Include Follow Cars option to include all cars in TeamCars list
– add Double Click Drive Times to open TimeCard functionality
– Filter out ‘E’ cars during non-YELLOW
2015 04 14 – don’t log L2 to tblSectionLog specifically, log as general section to prevent double logging of pit stops
2015 04 14 – remove DatabaseToCompetitors (replaced by RestoreSession)
– restore TOD from tblSectionLog in RestoreSession
2015 04 13 – add support for new $O messages (TireType, P2P, Passes)
– fix tracking of car position in pit lane with PO=SFP, ignore inactive pit lane timelines
– add PitStatus to PICFlag to track if Pits are OPEN or CLOSED, only highlight if Pit Status not defined or CLOSED
2015 04 12 – add RelayServer to distribute input data stream
– fix logging of pit stops when PO=SFP (pit lane does not straddle SF line, therefore use current lap on pit out as pit lap
– fix processing of $O messages outside of active sessions without corresponding $C/$E messages
2015 04 09 – don’t update weather data on startup (before Weather table configured).
2015 04 05 – add Weather graphing (Ambient Temperature, Track Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction (not implemented))
2015 04 04 – add Maps array to support multiple track maps
2015 04 04 – add Graphs array to support multiple graphs for analysis
2015 04 02 – replace mnuLoadSessionClick and DatabaseToCompetitor with mnuRestoreSessionClick and RestoreSession to share the same code
2015 03 30 – add mnuTelemetryLapDistance to use $P lapdistance value to position cars on track. Helps with a) monitoring telemetry data feed, b) possible precise location of car on track.
2015 03 29 – add 3rdFTime and NthFTime to results table to display 3rd..Nth fastest lap time
2015 03 28 – add 2ndFTime to results table for 2nd fastest time
– add LastTrap to results table
2015 03 21 – change AheadUsOnTrack to AheadUs and BehindUsOnTrack to BehindUs
2015 03 17 – fix teamcar list (apply filter to eliminate null car numbers from list (double ,’s, leading or trailing ,’s)
2015 03 16 – display laptime instead of projtime for holdtime/highlighttime after completion of a lap
2015 03 15 – add Highlight Yellow Pit Stop option to track map to highlight yellow flag at PIC.
2015 03 02 – add LeaderLap to TimeCard
– add LeaderLap to SessionResults
– add LeaderLap to SessionLog
2015 02 11 – remove shuffling of competitors down scoreboard when a competitor improves. Let Orbits update scoreboard
– prompt for filename when copying database
2015 02 04 – add option to display driver name in RunningOrder
2015 02 03 – fix rendering of first pit window that begins at race start to draw on the correct row (was drawing on the previous row). Also fixes hiding of ‘car position’ and ‘previous pitstops’ beneath pit window.
2015 02 02 – fix display of Fuel In Car in Metric mode to use competitor.FuelCapacity instead of the global FuelCapacity
– remove default series1 : TSeries from dbcLapChart removes access error when no competitors are selected for the graph.
– remove highlighting series with Legend if only one series in graph
– use getClassColor when adding a class to the ClassLeader array to assign default class colors (uniform routine to set Class Colors).
2015 02 01 – add support for different column orders (add support for column reordering)
2015 01 24 – simplify/fix Pass Around logic for RunningOrder
– pause processinput (set processing=true) before copydatabase to prevent record lock errors
– add Highlight Pass Around and Pass Around Color menus to Running Order Popupmenu
– fix display of LD in RunningOrder
2015 01 23 – set Stint StartTOD to start of race and limit EndTOD to duration of race
– limit stint EndTime to duration of race
– fix ClsDiff and ClsGap calculations (was overwriting with bad data)
– filter out extra ‘,’ in team cars list.
2015 01 22 – change Refresh to not reset Results Column Widths
– add Refresh All (CTRL+F5) to reset column widths after refreshing the data
– remove LapsDownWaveBy code
– highlight passaround cars in Running Order (P and LD fields under caution)
2015 01 21 – add StartTOD, EndTOD, StartRank and EndRank to tblStints
– add code to restore stints in Database to Competitors rountine
– add code to restore stints to Restoresession
2015 01 21 – implement Restore Session for team prioritized loading of session data from ABS file.
2015 01 20 – add Drive Times Report
2015 01 14 – add TopSpeed to Results table, display fastest section speed, regardless of where it is on the track.
2015 01 14 – auto decompress map archive file if user selects a zip file for the track map.

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