RaceTools v2.68

This is a maintenance upgrade and offers a few refinements to the software as requested by our users.

For IndyCar, one of the most common errors and frustrating parts of the software was making sure the correct map was loaded and the correct SF line was configured for the race and alternate start/finish lines. The latest version makes use of the newly added $U message and it’s control line designator (*) to identify the lap counter line for each session. With this information, RaceTools can now compare the settings to make sure the correct timeline is used for the SF and SFP lines, and if required, shift the trackmap to the alternate SF line. Now you can just load the race map and not have to switch between session types and let the software do the change for you.

Other minor changes are listed below:

2018 07 22 – fix LineCrossingLog lap calculation
– add ValidateTrackMap to trackmap to check for correct SF/SFP timelines (use IndyCar RP $U to determine SF/SFP lines)
– automatically switch between SF and Alt SF for IndyCar series when $U RP messages available.
2015 07 16 – add parsing for $M Manufacturer Points: messages, store in SessionInfo.ManufacturerPoints
– add Manufacturer Points to Clock types
– Clear LineChartPopUp in NewSession
2015 07 13 – Set Track Map CarPosition to use 1/3 spacing if Side-By-Side enabled
– check LiveSections Column Width when updating column titles. Make sure column titles can be seen.
– eRMON filter out duplicate $L messages
2015 06 29 – update StartStint and EndStint to use Telemetry.ElapsedTime-Session.StartTime for actual Elapsed Time instead of TOD, fixes Drive Times report
2015 06 27 – implement setMinimumPitStopTime to update minpitstoptime within PitLaneMonitor
– set Current.PitIn and Current.PitOut times to session time, not TOD. Telemetry.ElapsedTime is in TOD.
2015 06 27 – re-enable freeze field for IMSA Race Control version
2015 06 26 – change lap speed calculations to use Session.TrackLength instead of Track.Length (which is populated by $U message and may not be the same as the ‘official’ track length
– fix IMSA version to subtract SessionInfo.StartTime from TimeToLine calculations. Telemetry.ElapsedTime is TOD not session time. Fixes ProjectedTime calculations
2015 06 22 – move code to GenerateSectionTimes to routine in TASDB module
2015 06 21 – optimize calculations to use objects instead of database – reduce calculation time from 17s to 0.06s
– add ‘P’ column to display RecNo
– hide/exclude Class/Rating from non-MultiClass versions
2015 06 18 – add support for WEC Al Kamel $PASSING records
2015 06 01 – Force SF, SFP, Start, PIT, In Lap, Out Lap to be T1, P1, T1, PIT, IL and OL to fix wrong configuration issues in IMSA version.
2015 05 30 – add mnuLockScale to Graphs to not automatically reset the Axis scales
2015 05 16 – make BoldTitle an option in the configuration file ([Layout] BoldFont=1)

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