RaceTools v2.51 for IMSA

This is an optional release. It includes minor fixes. If these fixes are not required, you should stick with what you have. You might want to only run this version on systems that require these fixes or upgrades.

As always, be aware that the software relies on the data and if there are interruptions in the data feed or other issues, the reports may have errors. Always double check the information and make sure you understand

Running Order

The Running Order report has been updated to reflect the elimination of the Lap Down Wave By rule. The LD@Y field is no longer available. To help identify pass-around cars, under caution, all cars between the safety car and their class leader can have their  ‘P’ and ‘LD’ fields highlighted in the Pass Around Color (set it using the popup menu, default is Red), if the Highlight Pass Around option is selected.


There are now two ‘Refresh’ options. The default Refresh (F5) option refreshes the data, sorting the competitors, leaderboard, etc. but no longer resizes the Session Results columns. To autoresize the Session Results columns (and do a data refresh) you now need to use the Refresh All (CTRL+F5) option.

The Drive Times report now properly use the race start time as the start of the race rather than the first team car crossing.

Download the latest version of the software from http://racetools.com/racetools/IMSA_TSModule.zip



2015 01 23 – set Stint StartTOD to start of race and limit EndTOD to duration of race

– limit stint EndTime to duration of race

– fix ClsDiff and ClsGap calculations (was overwriting with bad data)

– filter out extra ‘,’ in team cars list.

2015 01 22 – change Refresh to not reset Results Column Widths

– add Refresh All (CTRL+F5) to reset column widths after refreshing the data

– remove LapsDownWaveBy code

– highlight passaround cars in Running Order (P and LD fields under caution)


2015 01 21 – add StartTOD, EndTOD, StartRank and EndRank to tblStints

– add code to restore stints in Database to Competitors rountine

– add code to restore stints to Restoresession

2015 01 21 – implement Restore Session for team prioritized loading of session data from ABS file.

2015 01 20 – add Drive Times Report

2015 01 14 – add TopSpeed to Results table, display fastest section speed, regardless of where it is on the track.

2015 01 14 – auto decompress map archive file if user selects a zip file for the track map.


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