RaceTools v3.1 – improved settings management

With increased use of the docking features of the software, especially with the ability to have multiple track maps and graphs, the need for better management of configuration settings is needed. With the change in v3 of saving configuration files to the %appdata% folder when running the executable out of the %program files% folder, I needed to add a way for you to restore the settings from v2. RaceTools v3.0.10 (which was never released publically) and v3.1.0 addresses these two key annoyances.

V3.0.10 adds a ‘Load Settings’ menu to the main program menu to load the program settings from any configuration file. This is most useful when migrating from version 2 to version 3 as the location of the configuration files may have changed, depending on where you run the software from. If you run RaceTools from the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder, version 3 of RaceTools stores and loads the configuration from the AppData folder as recommended by Microsoft. It no longer saves to the Program Files folder as this folder is protected by the operating system and users were having problems closing the software and/or restoring their previous configuration when starting the software. If you run RaceTools from another folder, RaceTools will continue to save/restore the configuration from the same folder. With the ‘Load Settings’ menu, you can now load the configuration from a different folder. If you save or close the software, RaceTools will save the settings to the default folder which is the RaceTools program folder if not the windows program folder, or the AppData folder if the RaceTools program folder is in the Windows Program Folder (ie. c:\Program Files or c:\Program Files (x86)).

V3.1.0 now saves and restores any extra maps and/or graphs that you may have added. Previously you would have to re-add the maps and/or graphs each time you launched the software, but now RaceTools will remember how many maps/graphs you added and restore them when you start the software.

Other fixes include a rounding display error when the Show m:ss.zzz option is enabled and the number of digits to display is less than the timing system precision (ie. when Report Digits is set to 2 or less). The previous version would display the truncated seconds field with the rounded fractional seconds so that 1:57.995 would display as 1:57.00 instead of 1:58.00.

Version History:
2017 03 03 – save/restore Maps and Graphs on exit/launch
2017 03 02 – fix setting of PrevRank to highlight changes in rank. (IndyCar version)
2017 02 28 – prompt for team name for expired license keys to allow user an opportunity to reset the team name if necessary.
2017 02 27 – add LoadSettings to load all settings from another configuration file.
– check AppDataPath for configuration file, if not found but ParamStr(0) configuration file found, use ParamStr(0) path to load configuration
2017 02 24 – fix FloatToTimeStr to round time to requested precision before converting to string. Fixes rounding of 118.995 to 1:59.00 instead of 1:58.00
2017 02 23 – check for availability of frmPitWindows before reading settings from it. Eliminate access error frmConfiguration.OnShow in MRTI version.
2017 02 10 – save alias to track configuration file when saving track, before sorttrack which reloads the alias from disk.
2017 02 10 – trap when [TrackMap] Filename= or MapPath=Filename which disabled OpenDialog from opening to load a new track map
2017 02 10 – clear LastSpeed/BestSpeed from RP $O messages (fields in eRP but not RP, need to ignore if RP message)

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