RaceTools v2.88

This is an optional update with some bug fixes but mostly minor tweaks to the interface to make it a little easier to use.



  • Add Delete Log Files button to General Configurations tab to delete old log files from LogPath
  • Add Delete Session Files button to General Configurations tab to delete old ABS and BIN files from the DatabasePath
  • Add Export/Import Settings to Layout menu to package application settings files into a zip file to easily export them to another instance or machine, and import them by unzipping the file to the program folder.
  • Add RelativeLocation to Custom Popups (formerly Clocks) to tie their position to the track map if the Link To Trackmap option is selected for the popup. Allows relocating the track map and linked popups as a single unit by moving the map.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fuel Resetting at SF line without a pit stop if the previous lap FuelUsed was not set, or if the CurrentLap count was already incremented before the FuelUsed was updated.
  • Change StrToDate function to use fixed date format to decouple the decoding from the computer settings.
  • Fix Competitor.SF setting


You can download the latest version from http://racetools.com/racetools/




2016 03 30 – disable fsStayOnTop for main program window (hides other popups)

2016 03 29 – fix Fuel Reset bug in IMSA version for messages out of order changing the CurrentLap before the Fuel Usage is updated.

2016 03 28 – add CautionGapThreshold to highlight large gaps in the running order during cautions for RaceControl version

2016 03 28 – add DeleteLogFiles to delete old replay files (*.log) from LogPath

– add DeleteSessionFiles to delete old session files (*.abs, *.bim) from DatabasePath

– add Export Settings to Layout menu to easily package all *.ini, *.tee, *.dbg, *.config, *.fields files into a single ZIP file for transfer to other locations (folders or machines)

– add Import Settings to Layout menu to easily extract all configuration files packaged by Export Settings to apply saved settings to current application

– add options for the baselap to use in the LTR (Lap Time Remaining) Session Results field

2016 03 27 – RelativePosition to lock popup location relative to track map when Link To Trackmap enabled. Allows moving trackmap with popups together.

2016 03 25 – change StrToDate(string) calls to StrToDate(string,fmt) to make conversion independent of computer settings, use mm/dd/yyyy date format

– test for replay file before prompting for close confirmation (must stop replay first so don’t ask to close if close is not an option).

– set Competitor.SF to ‘T’ on Pit Out to designate Lap as On Track. Eliminate double P lap logging, might not properly tag laps if Pit Lane does not intersect SF line (ie. No SFP)


2016 03 19 – add Exclude RED TIME to end stints at RED TIME. Must be applied before going back to racing.

2016 03 19 – add Insert Message to insert comments into the input logfile

2016 03 18 – remove Cancel property of buttons to remove trapping of ESC key before the form. Fixes ESC to exit Configuration window.


2016 03 17 – fix GenerateSectionTime to set SectionTime.Status = LineCrossingStatus (not TrackStatus), fixes updating of ProfileLap and DefaultLap

– also fixes track map CarPosition (requires ProfileLap/DefaultLap to set car position)


2016 03 14 – add logic to calculate Best Split deltas and ranks for Display By Driver mode

2016 03 14 – reset SPSections counter before populating Track definition (fix bug with continually adding SP sections, leading to BestTrapSpeed report errors)

– fix GenerateSectionTimes bug skipping populating StartTime

– fix ProjTime calculations

– convert Telemetry.ElapsedTime to ElapsedTime for all versions (instead of TOD for some versions)

2016 03 13 – set Telemetry.Valid=false if no data within last 2 seconds (missing data), or if crossed timeline with zero speed AND rpm (invalid data)

– use $O Tire and OT_Remain values if NOT Telemetry.Valid

2016 03 12 – enable logDB by default. Fixes empty LineChart bug

2016 03 10 – apply ContrastFont before TextRect to ensure high contrast text rendering

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