RaceTools v2.56

V2.56 adds the ability to have multiple graphs and maps open.   v2.56 2015 04 15 – clean up RestoreSession – restore pit stop data – eliminate double logging of pit lane section times in TimeGear module – fix Pit Stop Analysis refresh routines – provide better Estimated Time for RestoreSession/Load Session by tracking lapsprocessed/lapstoprocess … Read more

RaceTools v2.51 for IMSA

This is an optional release. It includes minor fixes. If these fixes are not required, you should stick with what you have. You might want to only run this version on systems that require these fixes or upgrades. As always, be aware that the software relies on the data and if there are interruptions in … Read more

RaceTools v2.50 for IMSA

RaceTools v2.50 for IMSA The first release is now available. There will likely be an update ¬†before the weekend as I test and fine tune things. This version has features geared towards the race rather than for practice or qualifying. You can download the latest version: http://racetools.com/racetools/IMSA_TSModule.zip New Features: Drive Times Report (Alt+F2) Complements the … Read more

RaceTools v2.49 released

Happy New Year! With each new year comes a new version of RaceTools. Last year’s version will not work in 2015. To continue using RaceTools you must download the latest version (v2.49). See the download page for the latest version of the software. New license keys are being distributed to teams who have renewed their … Read more

RaceTools – Session Results Columns

The Session Results table can be configured to display any combination of over 30 different fields (over 60 in IndyCar/MRTI versions, over 45 in IMSA/WEC versions). Here is a list of the available fields, not all of which are applicable depending on the series, session type and track type: Click on the field to get … Read more

RaceTools – Layouts

RaceTools allows you to save and restore custom layouts with quick links to predefined, commonly used layouts. Specifically, there are quick links to Race, Qualifying and Practice layouts. IndyCar versions get to choose Road versus Oval layouts. These custom layouts use a special file naming template: <application name>_<SessionType>_<TrackType>.ini. <application name> is the name of the … Read more

RaceTools Early Renewal Pricing

Current licensees of RaceTools can take advantage of big savings by renewing before the end of the year. Order your 2015 license on or before December 31, 2014 to save 37.5% savings. Please contact sales for further details.  

RaceTools in the press

RaceTools has quietly become a must have tool for engineers and strategists in North American Open Wheel racing and now the world is taking notice. The word is out. Check out PMW-Magazine‘s January 2015 edition for a piece on how Jeff Braun uses RaceTools to help his team compete and win.