Happy New Year

With a new calendar year comes new promises and new hope. It also comes along with expired software and new updates. If you have not updated your copy of RaceTools since September, you will need to download a new version to use it in 2017. All pre-v2.113 RaceTools software expired on December 31, 2016. You … Read more

RaceTools 2017

The off-season is also the software development season. While the software is constantly developed, new features added and bugs squashed, most of the work in-season is due to necessity. The off-season is when the gloves come off and I get a chance to make major changes to the underlying code. The off-season is divided into … Read more

VFX is Back

For years, the company name was VFX, or more precisely, VFX Digital Solutions, Inc. In 2004, the business was acquired by another company and as part of the agreement, the company name had to be changed, and it became 0435432 BC LTD. Now that the agreement is no longer in place (I bought back the … Read more

RaceTools v2.88

This is an optional update with some bug fixes but mostly minor tweaks to the interface to make it a little easier to use.   Enhancements: Add Delete Log Files button to General Configurations tab to delete old log files from LogPath Add Delete Session Files button to General Configurations tab to delete old ABS … Read more

Sharing your data – Relay Server and Get Session

Relay Server was included in a major update to RaceTools in version 2.56. It was added to address the connection restrictions in the WEC data feed, but this feature is also useful for non-WEC users. The Relay Server redistributes the data stream from one instance of RaceTools to other copies of RaceTools. This can be … Read more

RaceTools v2.68

This is a maintenance upgrade and offers a few refinements to the software as requested by our users. For IndyCar, one of the most common errors and frustrating parts of the software was making sure the correct map was loaded and the correct SF line was configured for the race and alternate start/finish lines. The … Read more

RaceTools v2.59 Pit Lane Monitor

New to v2.59 is the Pit Lane Monitor. Primarily added to help competitors in series that have a minimum pit stop time requirement, the Pit Lane Monitor displays cars currently in pit lane and optionally those on their out lap. It is similar to the Running Order display but adds the PitIn (Elapsed Time at … Read more

RaceTools v2.59 ‘Highlight Slow Cars In Section’ feature

This is an experimental feature to help race control identify cars that may be off-track or otherwise slow in completing a section. It compares the current time in a section with the expected section time. Note that there are multiple reasons why a car might appear to be slow in the section, including a missing … Read more