RaceTools v2.59 Pit Lane Monitor

New to v2.59 is the Pit Lane Monitor. Primarily added to help competitors in series that have a minimum pit stop time requirement, the Pit Lane Monitor displays cars currently in pit lane and optionally those on their out lap. It is similar to the Running Order display but adds the PitIn (Elapsed Time at Pit In), PitLane (time in Pit Lane as a running clock during the stop and the actual time after the stop), and CountDown (time remaining to meet the Minimum Pit Stop Time, see below) columns.


Set the Minimum Pit Stop Time in the Pit Stops Configuration tab (Alt+C for the configuration window). This value is used in the Pit Lane Monitor CountDown display and to exclude ‘invalid’ or ‘non-service’ pit stops from Pit Window calculations. 2015-04-29_11h22_44

RaceTools v2.59 ‘Highlight Slow Cars In Section’ feature

This is an experimental feature to help race control identify cars that may be off-track or otherwise slow in completing a section. It compares the current time in a section with the expected section time. Note that there are multiple reasons why a car might appear to be slow in the section, including a missing timeline, but most false positives should be brief.2015-05-01_07h50_29

Use the Track Map Settings tab to fine tune when a car should be highlighted.2015-05-01_08h04_42